Who Is Your Disney Spirit Guide? Character Quiz

A Disney spirit guide isn’t just anybody when it comes to Disney movies. Typically the guide is quite good looking, has plenty of quips and quotes plus they look out for the person. Disney even goes one step further and makes all their Disney spirit guide character quite lovable.

Have You Thought About Who Would be Your Disney Spirit Guide?

There are so many characters to choose from. A Disney pal definitely would offer some great benefits, including but not limited to some hilarious quotes from the characters. Always trying to guide their friends in the right way, there is humor laced in the lessons offered from the characters. There is also a certain amount of compassion. All of these reasons make it tough to decide which Disney spirit guide is best! And because there are so many characters to choose from, sometimes it’s best to have more than one guide to lead the way!

“Oi! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.” — Genie in Disney’s movie Aladdin.

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