Which Quote Tattoo Should You Get Inked? Quiz

Looking to get a quote tattoo? One of the most popular ways people place ink on their bodies is offering up a mantra or motto for their way of life. Of course, a wordy tat might look the same, but the way of sharing the words are quite different. With different fonts, body locations and even colors, the tattoo can be individually unique.

A Quote Tattoo Will Last a Lifetime? Words Offer Few Regrets.

While you might fall out of love with a character, divorce your high school sweetheart or find yourself hating a symbol, quote tattoos are different. Typically our ways of life don’t alter too much when it comes to sayings we believe in or our ways of living, especially when it revolves around words we believe in. A quote tattoo is very unlikely to be removed as it is a source of pride and conviction in our everyday lives.

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