Which Original Series Star Trek Character Are You?

The Star Trek character you might be most like might be a surprise to you. This quiz offers a look at the different elements to be aboard the ship and consider the connection you might have to a Star Trek character. With the original series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the TV show in 2016, fans around the world are checking out the different original cast members and guest stars to see who they might actually be like.

Kicking off the legendary look in sci-fi, the Star Trek cast might have originally been working off a script, but the passion found from the fans has made the show an iconic piece of American TV. Fans around the globe recite dialog pieces, dress up as a cast member (even if it’s not Halloween) and reenact portions of the story lines seen on TV. Embracing every scene and sharing the moments that connect the delighted fans, this  television show has paved the way to dozens of science fiction shows on television and even in the movies.

Which Original Series Star Trek Character Are You?

The idea of embracing an original Series Star Trek character might be a no-brainer to you. The distinct characteristics of each character had people drawn to their jobs and functions within the ship. Looking to fly through space and desiring to find out as much as possible, the adventures they were involved in gave people a reason to embrace the story and see how the travels in time were special and unique. Check out the quiz to see exactly who you are like based on this popular TV series.

“In critical moments, men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see.” – Spock, Star Trek, (season 3.) While Leonard Nimoy might have been reciting dialog, he made a heavy impact with this statement.

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