Which Finding Nemo Character are You Most Like? Quiz

Finding Nemo is one of Disney’s most beloved movies to date. With the characters finding their way in the deep blue sea, the film offers a warm story while sharing the beauty of friendship. Fans of the film find themselves connecting with a character in the film in a very special way. Which has us wondering which Find Nemo character are you?

Finding Nemo Pals Return in New Movie

The next movie in highlighting the friendly fishes in the sea definitely appeals to kids young and old. The desire to see more stories definitely is the main reason that people hope there would be another series. Currently in the works, the next film is set to hit the theaters in 2017. It’s quite a long time off, but as we all wait, we need to keep swimming! Or we could head to Disneyland or Disney World and see the characters in several attractions highlighting the movie Finding Nemo.

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