Which Disney Romance is Your Relationship Most Like?

Ever compared your relationship to a Disney romance? This quiz offers you a quick look at the elements of a perfect Disney relationship and what makes the love between two people a movie moment. As wonderful as Disney movies are, there are so may different couples to consider. Over the years there have been Princesses who find their man and even older couples who show how lingering love lasts over the years.

Which Disney Romance Is Most Like Yours?

Our hearts melt when a romance seems perfect. Opening the newspapers up to see couples who have been married 50, 60 or 75 years and pose still smiling isn’t uncommon. A Disney romance goes a step further and reveals how the couple learns to adapt to each other and many of the couples are the best of marriages and romance compacted into two people and seen as animation on the theater.

The test of time obviously is what makes a marriage last. People idolize others who have made it work as there are so many divorces in our world. The Disney formula definitely has helped define what is a good marriage and how couples might act if married for an extended period of time.

In fact the impact of the Disney movies has become so strong that couples start off their relationship heading to Disney World or Disneyland to get married, have a party with friends or vacation there on their honeymoon. Special packages highlighting the best opportunities at the theme park for a couple are offered to those folks interested.

You couple status might be perfect, but compared to a Disney love story where does your relationship status fall? Don’t wait to find out! Instead take the quiz to determine what is best for you and your love. It might be surprising to see who you are most comparable with!

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