What Toy Story Toy are You? Disney Quiz

If you were a toy who was living at Andy’s house, which Toy Story toy would you be. The beloved movie franchise has shared hours of entertainment with the world as fans dream about Buzz, Woody and the gang as they play at Andy’s home.

Toy Story toys have personality

The Toy Story toys have become so popular over the years that even the younger kids think about the idea of being one of the toys from the movie. One of the best made film series so far, there will be more adventures from the fun loving pals in the years ahead. And if that isn’t enough, people can enjoy checking out Toy Story possibilities at the Disney theme parks as there are exclusive attractions solely based on this ride. The opportunity to play is so popular that people will stand in line for hours just to see all the toys on the ride. And as everyone will tell you (including the adults) it is well worth your time!

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