What House Of Cards Character Are You Most Like? Quiz

The House of Cards isn’t your typical TV show. As fans know, it’s a perfect series to binge watch on Netflix and if offers a scenario of a ruthless politician who doesn’t mind extremes to get what needs to be done accomplished. So if you were House of Cards Character who are you most like?

This quiz offers a look into what character you might connect with most on the show. Tapping into what you do and don’t like, analyzing how you think and considering a few traits you admit to, the quiz offers up a real look at who you are most like on the show.

House of Cards is very popular

This show is¬†considered one of the best scripted series¬†shows on demand and for good reason! Frank Underwood would never accept second best and he’d find a way in Washington to be number one even if he wasn’t loved.

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