What Christmas Traditions Define You? Quiz

Do you have Christmas traditions you enjoy every year? What makes the holiday season so special to you? Most people love the traditions they partake in with friends and family. A kiss under the mistletoe, hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree or even singing Christmas carols at the annual party are a few of the Christmas traditions people hold on to for years.

Christmas traditions encompass friends and family

Holiday┬átraditions aren’t just about doing the same thing every year. It’s about finding a special meaning within a moment to share with the world. It’s comforting to know that every year Christmas traditions will be waiting for people to do and offer happiness to yourself and others. With so many cultures, communities and opportunities to share, the best part of the year comes down to spending with with friends and family while engaging in holiday traditions. Whether you follow something that your family did when you were younger or start your own, traditions are an important part of the season.

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