What American Idol Winner are you most like? Personality Quiz

A quick look back at the American Idol winner roster has fans impressed with this reality show. Building up to be the biggest singing competition ever, it’s safe to say that America is sad to see the most popular singing competition say farewell. People lined up for hours in stadiums, arenas and even around buildings just to get the change to sing in front of America and go to Hollywood to follow their dream. Each contestant came at the competition a different way, but every singer came to win.

What American Idol Winner are you most like? Personality Quiz

As fans reflect on the final season of the popular show, people are comparing notes. Fans are making suggestions on who the best American Idol winner. Factoring in things like awards, songs and even style, it’s a tough choice. The answer might be personal, but the question of which American Idol winner you are most like weighs into the equation too. Year after year the audience felt a strong connection to the contestants on stage. They votes, screamed and bought countless singles to show support. Now, looking back at the hype, the connection still lingers.

When comparing the attributes of the American Idol winner list, it’s obvious all of the contestants had the desire to succeed. Adding their insistence to honor the music in their own way, the renditions of popular songs were played for the fans.

People didn’t just tune in for the contestants. A large section of the population tuned in to see what the judges might say. Lead by Simon Cowell at the beginning, the people who made the decisions were singers, music executives along with the public who, at first, just called in their votes. Over the years the voting system has included other social media means and the weight of the judge’s words have become even more important.

It’s sad to see that the Farewell Season of the show is upon us. The American Idol winner list gives comfort in knowing that we not only were entertained over the years, America discovered some great entertainers and their careers continue on.

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