What American Idol Judge are You Most Like? Quiz

What American Idol Judge are YOU like? Take our Personality Quiz

American Idol judges are being closed watched on the American Idol Farewell season. The end of the series has fans thinking about all the special moments over the past 15 seasons. With so many singers on stage and a number of songs, there has to be props for the American Idol judges who heard all the music. Offering feedback, making suggestions and even giving a few snarky remarks (here’s looking at you Simon Cowell,) Idol fans really got to see how judging works. It appears even with all the headaches, looking for the next big star is absolutely worth it!

Now as the series is coming to a close, fans are making comparisons about the judges, but in their own unique way. Instead of just critiquing how the judges acted, the fans are wondering how they would have handled themselves in particular situations. That’s right, they are considering if they were on stage, which American Idol judge would they most be like.

It’s a tough call actually. American Idol has heard great singers. And then there was a few performers that were so awful that someone needed to burn the video. Now, as the dust settles, it appears that each of the judges had their own style of letting budding  entertainers down easy on the show and they didn’t mind sharing their tactics with the world. Some advice given was tough love. Others couched their opinion in flowery compliments. And other judges just flat out didn’t bother to share that the performance was sub-par.

One of the biggest singing competitions in the United States, American Idol has paved the way for countless other shows that tried, but couldn’t replicate their success. Now with the final season in full swing, people are realizing there will never be another show quite like this competition. Thanks to the American Idol judges, the world has discovered some new talent too!

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