Thanksgiving Dinner is How Many Calories? Jaws drop

Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t your waistline’s best friend. Remember when dad used to joke that he needed to loosen his belt after dinner? Maybe he wasn’t kidding! The calorie content of an average meal that an American eats on Thanksgiving is over the top. So how much is too much? Roughly people are consuming over 3,000 calories when they sit down to eat at the dinner table.

If you consider that few people actual engage in physical activity after the big meal, it’s safe to suggest that America is gaining weight when sitting down at the Thanksgiving and it’s no-count calorie moment that people forget can quickly add up.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Next time you are sitting around the table and salivating at the Thanksgiving dinner before you, ask how many calories you really need before digging in and decide to eat smart!

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