How Well Does the Taco Cleanse Diet Fit Your Personality? Quiz

Taco Cleanse Diet has people on the street shouting “Give me tacos or give me death!” OK, so maybe people aren’t going completely over the top for this cleanse diet, but it’s become a viral sensation with big celebrities talking up this idea. And it’s all about tacos.

I could have told you from the time I first laid eyes on the tacos it would be something of great magnitude. No seriously, it’s just that a taco cleanse makes perfect sense. Your toes start tingling with delight as your taste buds signal the brain that you have hit the happy mother load. I’ve never felt that way about eating salad. Or thinking about eating salad. Most of the time my nose twitches when I think of salad. However, I digress as tacos are the current viral sensation that is sweeping America by storm.

The book offering recipes of different types of tacos that can be made for the taco cleanse diet has been hard to find in stock. As with any viral sensation, people go out and immediately pick up the product, leaving the rest of us scraping the bottom of the taco barrel and weeping because the books are on back order. Luckily I found a copy and it’s exactly what I expected. A pure and direct connection to some of the most mouthwatering taco recipes found in 2016. Oh yeah!

A Taco Cleanse Diet Made by Taco Scientists

Now the clincher on this taco business has to be who discovered this Taco Cleanse diet. Yes, taco scientists are now in the food business. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t a taco scientist a higher pay grade than a taco chef? I mean throwing all the scientific data in there and whisking it around with a scientific spoon has got to a bigger gig than just eyeballing ingredients and stirring with a fork, right?

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