Oscars Gift Bag 2016 Quiz: Which Gifts Would You Keep?

The Oscars gift bag 2016 is worth $223,000 and it’s pretty extravagant. While there is some everyday things (like Chapstick and toilet paper) most of the different items might be too extravagant even for the biggest movies stars. Add that the gift bag has grown over the years to be worth at least three time more than the average layman watching the show and it appears that the swag bags are outgrowing the actual show. When going to a conference, typically the swag bags are fun little items that help at the show (or collect dust on your desk!)

So would you be willing to keep all the gifts? Or would you take only a selective few? Well, just for the record, we’d keep the Chapstick — that’s one product that’s worth the $6!!

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