National Popcorn Day Quiz: How Well Do You Know Popcorn

It’s National Popcorn Day! Whether you decide to microwave a bag of popcorn or pull out the popcorn popper, it’s a great day to celebrate one of America’s most beloved snacks. The best part about this treat is there are so many great ways to enjoy the food. It can be eaten plain or drizzled in butter. People decide to spice it up or dabble chocolate on top. Whatever the preferred way to enjoy, the yummy food has people excited to share some holiday fun on National Popcorn Day!

How do You Celebrate National Popcorn Day!

So what is your favorite way to enjoy popcorn? Or would you rather have it made for you and offered up in a big bucket at the theater? No matter your personal choice, it’s awesome to think that today’s society still eats a food that scientists say that was once eaten by the Native Americans over 4,000 years ago.

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