McDonalds 48-Piece McNugget Bucket: 2,000-plus calorie meal

McDonalds new 48 Piece McNugget Bucket might be too much to handle for just one fan. The popular Japanese pop group NGT48 is behind the hype of the McDonalds 48 Piece McNugget Bucket and the fans seemed to be thrilled.

McDonalds 48 Piece McNugget Bucket is insane

The over the top bucket looks more like a product from KFC than McDonalds. The bucket is highly decorated and colorful. On one side of the bucket there is a picture of the group for everyone to see (and hopefully not get too much grease on them.)

The McDonald’s 48-Piece McNugget Bucket referred to as “Nugget 48” by some in Japan costs 15 bucks and is finger licking good. Wait, that phrase is already taken. It’s probably pretty delicious for some fans, but it’s a 2,000-plus calorie meal so people are going to be dancing A LOT to take off these calories!

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