Mailman Attacked by Turkeys? Bird Bullies Cause Trouble

The mailman is typically taunted by dogs, annoyed by over the top people and perhaps even inconvenienced by post office boxes put in rotten locations. So how does that have anything to do with Turkeys? In Massachusetts a mailman attacked daily by a few turkeys has gone viral as people watch in amazement. What are they calling these turkeys? Bird bullies!

The viral video shows the mailman attack has gotten so bad he need a stick to keep the birds at bay. Walking up to the house, the bird follow close behind making noise and getting very close to his legs. Brave and unwilling to be detoured, the carrier wears shorts and goes right up to the door to drop the mail. According to KSAT, the birds keep together and have become very difficult to capture as they seem to be the latest big gang in town and they are enjoying all the attention!

What makes this video so interesting is that there is no owner for these turkeys and it appears that the action of being part of the mailman attacked is the highlight of their day. Not bothering anyone else when this post office vehicle rolls up to deliver the mail, the bird seem pretty focused on this target and willing to really get involved with the mail carrier.

Bird Bullies? Mailman Attacked

Being that the holiday season is upon us, it makes everyone wonder why these turkeys aren’t a little more careful in their decision to get invovled with the mailman. The birds made it through the Thanksgiving holiday, but if someone catches them before Christmas, they could be the next big meal. Despite the crazy decision to keep delivering the mail, the bird bullies appear to be roaming the streets and making the best out of a very weird situation.

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