If You Were a Dog What Job Would You Have? Dog Jobs Quiz

Dog jobs? Yes, animals with four legs, a tail and a keen sense of smell go to work on a regular basis. While we consider some of our most amazing canine friends to be household pets, some of the animals have jobs to help humans and make the world a better place.

Has Your Canine Considered Dog Jobs

Dog jobs are nothing to sneeze at and luckily dogs don’t need a resume. For centuries dogs have been involved in helping humans. Known to be part of military action, search and rescue and even companionship, dogs are amazing creatures that find their way into the hears of humans around the world.

A recent photo of dog jobs that shared true passion came earlier this year when a dog saved a young person’s life after a terrible rain downpour. Not only did the dogs help the youngsters, they stuck around long enough to give them some relief with a few hugs.

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