How Well Do You Actually Know Abby Sciuto on NCIS? Quiz

NCIS’ Abby Sciuto is one of the most popular characters on television. Considered one of the most trusted characters that viewers can relate to, the crime solving scientist has everyone reaching for their caffeinated beverage when Abby does just to see if they can help solve the crime. Special Agent Gibbs on NCIS runs a tight office solving crimes on the CBS show but he seems to have a special place for his scientist working to analyze samples and help fight crimes by checking out the small details.

How Well Do You Actually Know Abby Sciuto on NCIS?

Abby Sciuto is one of the original characters for the NCIS series. Engaging viewers from the beginning of the series, Abby has offered up a scientific look at crimes and even busted some of the biggest criminal activities by breaking computer codes that were thought to be too tough to hack. The Goth looking character has brought some interest to the world of being a scientist. While there haven’t been any individuals who have confirmed they became scientists because of watching NCIS, it wouldn’t be surprising to find people who were so moved by Pauley Perrette’s performances that they, too, wanted to solve crimes in the lab.

The interesting angle that Abby Sciuto has on a crime is one that has been exploited for many seasons on NCIS and the fans love it. Hopefully the stories engaging Abby’s help will continue for many more too!

“Does a baby change its own diapers? Nay. Does it burp and feed itself? I don’t think so. It takes a lot of TLC to keep my children happy and fully functioning in the Lab of Abby or Labby as I like to call it. ” — Abby Sciuto discussing how she works with the machines in her lab.

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