How Much Have You Actually Learned from Shark Tank? Quiz

Shark Tank is where business entrepreneur’s see what happens behind closed doors. This unique reality show gives people a chance to pitch millionaires and see if their ideas hold up in the boardroom. Looking to get thousands of dollars for equity in their companies, the challenge is to find an investor that will work with the entrepreneur and help develop their product service and company.

Shark Tank always keeps the viewers guessing as the best (and sometimes worst) individuals offer up their ideas to be considered. The investors aren’t just on TV either! Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec and others are real investors looking for new ideas to make part of their portfolio (and invest.)

Have You Learned Tips from Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is one of the few television shows that has crossed the boundaries of business and reached an entertainment audience. The prime time show has given people a glimpse at how the investment process works and divulged the difficulty entrepreneurs face when they are looking for funding of a new project. This decisive team of investors often surprises, shocks and even shows gratitude to the hundreds of people who have shown up to show off their new projects.

The show might have been just for people with dreams of being funded, but today it’s become an American treasure that business people dream of being part of in some way. The 2016 casting call has begun in several locations around the country with people lining up to pitch producers (which is the first step to getting on the show) to see if their ideas can be shown the the Shark Tank investors. If this is your dream, be prepared with your pitch, product and patience. The reality show is so popular that people from around the country will wait in line just to get the chance to be on the show.

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