How Many Christmas Day Calories Will You Eat? Quiz

Christmas day calories come from eating too much on this fine holiday. Only second to Thanksgiving day calories, the problem with having so much food in the house is that you very well may eat too much. Even if you consume some food, you are still looking at a large amount of Christmas day calories as the calories are hidden everywhere!

Christmas Day Calories Can Add Up Fast

Christmas dinner calories don’t just come from too much food, there is fat hiding in the gravy (and other items) too. Offering foods that we typically wouldn’t eat, the temptations of having one more bite are real (and quite yummy.) Another secret place that Christmas Day calories hide is in the alcohol.

For your big day consider a few low fat options on the table. And don’t eat heavy for all three meals. That way if you feel the urge to go back for seconds you have some healthier choices to consider.

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