How Big of a Derek Zoolander Fan Are You? Quiz

Are You a Big fan of Derek Zoolander?

Derek Zoolander is returning to a theater near you. With a sexy, stylish 2016 Fiat 500X, the model who knows fashion like the back of his hand is returning to the big screen. Expect another exciting fashion moment that won’t be ignored by the masses.

Fans of the movie Zoolander have been waiting a long time for the opportunity to see Derek Zoolander and his posse of models walk down the runway once again. It’s been a dream turned to desire to have the role once again played by Ben Stiller and the promos for this film reveal that Derek picks up right where he lefts off, but this time he has a stylish set of wheels, a stronger pose and a new story to tell.

Count us in when it comes to being huge fans of the movie. Yeah, we love Derek, but Hansel McDonald, is one of the unsung heroes in this film. He did win the walk-off in the last movie, but more importantly his contribution of making young men desire a way to get off their underwear without removing their pants has been priceless. Check out YouTube if you haven’t seen the dozens, if not hundreds, of fan fails on this secret move gone wrong.

All of this begs us to ask the question of how big of a Derek Zoolander fan are you? Can you recite his roommate’s names while changing clothes backstage at a fashion show? Or reveal the secrets behind the Blue Steel pose Derek is known for? Probably not! That’s why you need to take the quiz to find out how much you know. Keep in mind you are competing against the biggest Derek Zoolander fan who ever walked the face of the earth. Who is that you ask? Well that would be Mr. Derek Zoolander himself.

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