Glitter Beard Glory: 7 Ways Facial Hair Shimmers, Shines

The glitter beard has glorified the way we look at men’s facial hair and it’s safe to say the world wouldn’t have it any other way. Bringing a shimmering and shining glare around their lips, glitter beards are the latest trending beauty today

Who would have thought putting something into a beard would have been trendy? Remember your mom screaming across the room at your dad for something IN their beard. In today’s world, a glitter beard is neither disgusting or inappropriate. Instead they are status symbols of the future suggesting that a sparkling glitter beard is a man willing to shine on the outside. Oh, and did we mention he is not afraid to show his sparkling good nature?

How do they wash out a glitter beard?

Some people are wondering how do guys wash out all the glitter in a full beard? However, we have to ask a more important question — how does the glitter stay in the beard without falling all over food and beverages?

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