Do You Know What Might Kill You? Take This Quiz

It’s not something we think about. In fact, some people could suggest it’s a very morbid question. Yet, we got to ask — Do you know what might kill you? Take this quiz and see if you are anywhere close to finding out what the future might predict.

Have You Thought About What Might Kill You?

Most people don’t think about what may kill them. Accidents, knives or accidentally falling off a cliff are all possible. Yet, it’s completely improbable to know exactly (unless, of course you are under medical care.) Believe it or not, your computer might kill you too. The odds? 1 in 100 million that you die in front of your screen playing computer games.

The world is full of unknowns and the risk of just breathing has increased your probability of exactly what might kill you. However, there is good news. Humans live a very long time. Unless they do something disastrous and then they really don’t live that long after all.

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