Disney Bug Quiz: Which Disney Insect Describes You Best?

Ever consider being a Disney insect? From the wise words of Jiminy Cricket who counsels Pinocchio to the silent by mean looking Thumper (the grasshopper in It’s a Bug’s Life) the Disney insects play a viable, yet small role in the movies produced by the Walt Disney Corporation.

Did You Hear That Disney Bug? Yes, A Disney Insect Can Talk

The Disney Bug typically is very friendly and doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. Even Jimmy the cockroach (seen in Lilo & Stitch: The Series) appears to be warm and friendly as he roams the earth. With big eyes, harmless intentions and even a few interesting things to share, the Disney insect isn’t your typical bug. It’s like the species has gone through special training or something! Yeah, it’s those moment when you are looking at the TV screen and wondering why you are listening to a Disney bug that will help with this quiz!

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