What Type of Bachelor Contestant Does Your Personality Best Fit? Quiz

Could You be a Bachelor Contestant?
Quiz to Determine Your Personality Type!

There are a new faces introduced as a Bachelor contestant this year! The Bachelor kicked off with the 20th season and once again the Bachelor contestants lined up to try and find true love on television. With women falling over the handsome man (or should we say prince?) people are wondering if they, too, could be contestants. Yes, after proper screening and convincing the producers of the show you’d be a good fit.

Oh, the agony! And it sounds like so much work too! It’s just far easier (and way more resourceful) to take our quiz to find out which The Bachelor contestant type you are before even starting the process. Watching the program week after week, you might notice there are a few ladies who make their presence known by being extremely dramatic. Is that you?

Offering up roses to the women who he wants to stay, The Bachelor seems to be very focused on a few fine ladies this year. Like in past years, it is a tense moment when decisions are made and anyone could go home if there is no connection.

As the audience watches The Bachelor week after week, there is the wonder if host Chris Harrison will ever find his true love. Always offering advice, but never partaking on the action of the contestants, the man has got to be desiring a little help in finding true love too!

Of course we’d be remiss to point out that sometimes finding true love doesn’t always mean dragging your finest threads to a sudio for a reality show set in Hollywood. There are plenty of good looking guys (and ladies) all over this fine land called the United States of America. Some sexy men might be hiding, but others are in plain sight. As my grandma used to say – – you just got to open your eyes to find real love ’cause it’s staring you in the face.


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