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Quit Whining and Quiz? This website is where you can go to find some wonderful quizzes that everyone can find a smile doing. Whether you see how familiar you are with a current movie character or a chance to understand your animal better, this is the site that offers a daily look at what is the best in life. Our philosophy is a playing a quiz a day will keep the whining away.

Quit Whining and Quiz

How to Quit Whining? Do a Quiz!

It’s easy to let the everyday life get in the way of having a good day. That’s why we created this website. Offering only the best quizzes we create, we can honestly suggest you won’t be whining after playing a few of our puzzles. And if you find your friends are whining too much, then send them to our site and tell them to quit whining immediately.

While you could check out website on a daily basis, it might be easier to get some great news delivered to your email. Our newsletter offers the best of what is on the site and you can decide quickly which quizzes from the comfort of your inbox.

While we might sarcastically say “Quit Whining,” this site is set up for people to have some fun. Not everyone can be serious and we thank our blessings that’s where we are in life. Sometimes you have to just stop the world and get off for a minute. There appears to be no better way to take 2 minutes out of your day to enjoy a puzzle to feel refreshed and then get back on the crazy train (OK, you’re right it’s not nice to call the job that.)


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