Weird Christmas Traditions Celebrated Around the World

Weird Christmas traditions? How we celebrate the holidays varies from place to place. However, you might be surprised to see how drastic and sometimes odd the holiday traditions are around the world. Different to us, but still very intriguing, who would have thought of planning to have KFC as a Christmas Dinner? Or putting spider webs on a Christmas tree?

Weird Christmas Traditions are Unique too!

In America we think of big Christmas trees and amazing looking wreaths glamoured up and looking amazing. Sparkling lights are on our Christmas trees and ornaments dangle from branches reflecting memories of the past. So how does a pickle fit into the equation? Perhaps it’s hard to digest, but in Germany a pickle ornament is exactly what the kids will be looking for on Christmas morning as they want the extra special gift that is only given to the person who find the ornament on the tree claiming the surprise. That’s a Weird Christmas tradition, right?

The idea of finding fun in the holidays might be a weird look at what people do around the world, but the uniqueness also explores how we can open out holidays up to other traditions to new opportunities and ideas. Year after year when we do the same things for the holidays, it could get very boring. However, I readily admit it’s going to be extremely doubtful that I put a spiderweb on my Christmas tree. Unless I am sure that there will be a bountiful amount of good luck like suggested and then I will immediately reconsider the options.

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” — Winston Churchill reflecting on Christmas.

It’s true, the season isn’t just about what we give each other as wrapped gifts, but also about the reflection we share with the world and how we all come together during this joyous holiday occasion.

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