7 Cool Star Wars Kitchen Items You Need for Christmas

Star Wars Kitchen Items? The force can be with you even if you are looking. Chefs, cooks and even Star Wars fans are finding the merchandise for the upcoming epic movie to be enticing enough to have some of the sci-fi characters join them in the kitchen for a little lighthearted reminder about the film.

Star Wars Kitchen Items are Durable and Usable

The idea behind these latest Star Wars kitchen items might be surprising. Not to be hung on the wall, the opportunity to actually use the items might enhance the area and even offer a brighter way to make dinner. Of course who can’t be excited to exclaim over a hot bowl of soup or a grilled cheese that the Force Awakens for every meal.

From Darth Vader’s toaster to the awesome cutting board shaped like a battle ship, these epic ideas are actually kitchen ready. No need to prop up on a shelf and admire (unless you are a collector and that’s an entirely different story.) The reviews of the different projects have been positive too. Leaving most people believing that the opportunity to have these items are a good investment for movie fans.

According to Forbes the movie licensing is on the path to make 5 billion (yes with a “b”) in revenue for all the merchandise available for the fans. The Star Wars kitchen influence doesn’t seem has intense as other parts of the home and the different offerings for the fans but it has plenty of options. The focus of this film series appears to true touch on marketing and advertising on every level.

So who is going to have a Darth Vader toaster under their Christmas tree this year? More fans than you can probably imagine and don’t be surprised if they are tickled pink to have such a fun gadget!

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